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lirik lagu the entertainment system – die kur


starting point
times r changed
events r evolved
and u have to shake your mind
full of sh-t
i’m broken
broken about you
i thrashed tv
i want to be me
whatever the world will be.
move on this’ the new rock,
move on this’ the new rock,
when the end comes near
you can feel the smell.
let this entertain us.

they experiment on monkies,
they experiment on you.
this is a big cage
so big you think to be free
ev’ryone was born naked
and soon hide from his essence.
follow me together we can go
out of the zoo.
technology for destruction
they’ll experiment on you.
system x move items on screen
as reality new gui new controls
trying to find the perfect chip
to transplant instead of your brain.
let this entertain us.
destroy this entertainment system.