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lirik lagu the game changer – saigon

(feat. marsha ambrosius)

[marsha hums and scats for the first 17 seconds]

[intro: marsha ambrosius]
i will change the game, one day
change the game… one day

i got signed to atlantic records, 2004
they predicted i’d do a million right out of the door
they said all i had to do was just follow the for-mula
“you does and you gon’ be popular boy”
see what they failed to realize is i rhyme for the cause
they got the same mindframe as [?]
told me they needed a single, who should they call?
i said “y’all should put me in the stu’ with trey songz”
now all along they thinkin we do a song how we bang the girls
i said “nah lil’ n-gg-, we ’bout to change the world”
and when i turned it in expectin a grin
they gave a n-gg- this look like “never again”
and i looked back at them like “never again”
i love all of you motherf-ckers but, just as some friends
i can’t do music if it ain’t got a message within
i guess y’all could leave that up to the rest of them then
i’m changin the game

[chorus: marsha ambrosius (saigon)]
i daydream ’bout money and fame (so silly)
i will change the game, one day
it’s just a silly game
when everybody knows my name (oh really?)
i will change the game, one day
change the game, change the game

[marsha] change the game

okay, so now i got the bentley drop
but on the left side of my chest is a empty spot
i can’t lie, these lil’ groupies they tempt me a lot
but for me to fall victim i simply could not
nah nah – i don’t brag about the bottles i pop
a lot of y’all are runnin around here with the models i mop
five years ago when “entourage” was shot to the top
surprised she’s still skinny, shorty swallows a lot
ha ha! and ever so often
somebody comes around and delivers great songs without flossin
without talkin, ’bout sh-t that isn’t important
like makin a fortune off of somebody snortin
but bein a force is a call to someone in coffin [?]
this is all we doin with hip-hop, we lost them
but we should be ashamed of ourselves
the only people we could blame is ourselves
who else?


[marsha ambrosius (saigon)]
i didn’t dream, to be all i can be
for i am i
my imagination, i can do it all (do it all)
do just what i want (ha ha!)

i got released from atlantic records, 2010
i swear to god it felt like i was gettin out of the pen’
it started off real good, but how will it end?
will i make it to the top of the tower again?
will i be on hot 9 or power again?
or will the people just -ssume that i’m sour within?
i told my +story+ to 40,000 people
now it’s time for me to get equal, the sequel

[chorus – without saigon’s ad libs]

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