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lirik lagu the gangsta, the killa and the dope dealer – westside connection

[intro: ice cube]
hey, living in a california cage–ya’ll trying to study me
g-ngb-ngin’ a never die–it’s too much love
you always gonna get n-gg-s like us, you know what i mean
god d-mn–how many more motherf-ckin’ penatentaries ya’ll gonna build
how many jars you gonna try to put us in
you know what i’m saying

killa county is a state, murda [repeat 4x]

[ice cube]
can’t none of ya’ll n-gg-s f-ck with none of these n-gg-s
these triggas we’s killas (hahaha)
sittin’ on the porch in between legs
wit a b-tch french braiding my head
leave ’em til they matted forearm tatted
what’s the connection b-tch you looking at it
it don’t stop
i hit mo’ licks than it
takes to get to the center (once, two, three) of a blow pop
and it’s gonna take a miracle
to drive a car this color down imperial
yeah, i got heart but ain’t trying to see marcia clark
(punk -ss n-gg-)
so let’s wait till it get dark
so many foe’s walk in my ??
it’s like the international, house of pancakes
all on the gr-ss, every b-tch p-ssed
a first not last, when we all hit the -ss
doin’ tricks jacked up like a six (what)
one p-ssy, and thirteen d-cks
gangsta’s don’t dance we boogie (ahhh)
n-gg-s run out and get ya cookie

killa county is a state, murda [repeat 4x]

who’s that dumpin’ out that window hoo riding (westsiide)
n-body survives when i got my steel up
throwing my sh-t up pulling the trigga
what the f-ck you lookin’ at n-gg- [whistle]
true blue when i bust
leavin’ bodies hangin’ like the tongue of my chucks
chalk another one, homicidal in the g ride
i swear i’m killing every n-gg- standing outside
letting ’em have it
with my double barrel sawed off
i’m smoking everybody n-gg- b-tches and all
stretch ’em out in broad daylight m-th-f-ck the witnesses
eyes big as golf b-lls from the funny cigarette [haha]
as the sun frowns on my forehead
i sweat murder which makes me a walking dead man
man bringing more bad news than shlepp rock
when i bust shots
wc keep the hammer c-cked

the gangsta, the killa, and the dope deala [repeat 4x]

[mack 10]
what’s crackin
well, it’s the n-gg- that’s housin’ the scene
i got pounds of green and birds sittin’ on the triple beams
i put it down on and off the record my flats a
double decker, marble floors all checkered
now what can i say every b-tch i lay be pure and
bombay like peruvian yae
so i brag and i boast man i got the most, man
i make more deliveries than the postman
my homie carlito plug me with the amigos an
now it’s kilos five and six double zeros
now what’s next i’m stuck like a kotex
blindin’ n-gg-s with the buggas in my rolex
with my aces ot on a regular basis
we got pauveted faces fightin’ federal cases
cause ain’t nothin’ reala’ than n-gg-s gettin’ they scrilla
like a gangsta, a killa
but mack i’ll be the dope deala

killa county is a state, murda [repeat 4x]
the gangsta the killa and the dope deala (murda) [repeat 8x]

d-mn it’s a trip, all these cameras goin up
i cant go here, i can’t go there
i feel inst-tutionalized
and i’m on the street

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