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lirik lagu the gathering – stephen lynch

dare i say, the greatest poets of our day
shaggy 2 dope and violent jay;
the hip hip clowns
haters see just white-trash family
they say fan of i.c.p.
must have the downs

i don’t care, i love them so
cornrow my hair and drink faygo
i’m every where – i am juggalo

let us sing of the annual gathering
come see a cultural happening, and also t-ts
call us sick, say you hate our wigger schtick
but it’s about the music, and also t-ts

you put us down but you don’t know
i’m a proud clown, and so’s my hoe
i wear the crown of juggalo

come along to the posse show
our bond is strong, like magnets, yo
i sing this song for the juggalo

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