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lirik lagu the ghost inside our house – cloud cult

we saw a ghost inside our house
or was it wishful thinking
oh god, don’t leave us by ourselves
or we’re bound to take up drinking

please send us a miracle
so i know that there is meaning
except i think that it’s a miracle
just to be breathing

so live on
baby live on
live on
baby live on

packed up my clothes
in a grocery bag
i’m going to find the creator

an old man in the clouds
or a happy little alien
whoever it is
i need to thank her

and even though i don’t know god
i’m happy with the mystery
and i’m certain that i feel it
every time that you sing to me

in songs
life is like a song
it’s a song
a humble song

i watched you sleeping until five am
cause i want to be part of your dreaming
oh love, don’t leave me by myself
or i’m bound to lose my meaning

we’ll start a little family
and call it our religion
hunt for ghosts inside our house
because we’ll never give up wishing

that we live on
baby live on
in our song
a humble song

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