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lirik lagu the girl next door is having an orgasm – amazing dave

the apartment house i live in
echoes like a tomb
the walls are so thin
you can drop a pin
and hear it in every room
normally, that’s no big deal, you see
but last week someone moved in next to me:
the girl next door
is having an or________gasm
i can hear it all
as if the crack in the wall
were a yaw_______ning chasm
she stays up late
and has seven or eight
with great
if i can’t sleep
i don’t count sheep
i count how often she has ’em
now i wouldn’t care
if she were in there
having an or_______gan recital
but that dreamy moan
means she’s all alone
and perhaps she could use a guy
so i’ve decided i won’t wait any more
tomorrow i’m going to knock on her door
and invite her back over to my place for
an or________ange nehi

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