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lirik lagu the golden girl of the golden west – swirling eddies


she’s a pistol packin’ mama and a bleach blond surfer queen
a highfalutin’ filly and an adolescent’s fling
she was born at sutter’s mill and killed up on the silver screen
she opens up her golden gate and offers us a dream

na na na na na na…

she’s a powder snow bunny and a painted desert rat
an avocado model in a boysenberry hat
she’s our buffed and sprangled banner, she’s our sedentary fat
she’s hungry cold and homeless, and she’s luxury’s lap

she’s the golden girl of the golden west
a lipo-sucking diva with a saline chest
she’s the golden girl of the golden west
a fashion island floozy in a skin tight dress
she’s the golden girl…

one man’s blessing and another man’s curse
she’s an economic engine with her gears thrown in reverse
she’s a double beef burger called “the double patty he-rs-”
she’s a napa valley vineyard selling toast and liver worse

na na na na na na…

she’s a corporation raider on the sports bar beat
a giant dodging forty-niner with two athletes feet
she’s a warrior and an angel and a ram in heat
she’s a drunken clipper captain with a silicon leak

na na na na na na…

she’s a bleeding heart madonna with a big electric chair
an earth shaking quaker with a fundamental flair
there’s a method to her madness and a charismatic air
an orthodoxly logic in that presbytery stare

so come all you huddled m-sses, all you yo-yosimite sams
make a wish and pitch a penny off the mighty hoover dam
yeah and leave it all to beaver and start packin’ up the van
take the california aqueduct on down to disneyland