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lirik lagu the great cessation – yob


will we ever see a time-
when it’s enough
when we see what we know
isn’t all
of all that is
creating a world
of broken hearts
of tired eyes
living in this sh-ll
like it was forever

close your eyes
and let it go
breathe in the sp-ce
before you were born

crashing waves
grief and pain
is washed away
open to
the great cessation
waves wash away
wane and fade
open to
the great cessation

will we ever see a time
without cause
when we see what we know
never was
it never was
altars, shrines
caves in the heart
within the womb
raising our hands
to a sky without end

watch the river p-ss by
p-ssive on the sh-r-
giving temptation
space to explore
dense guilt and guile
gently put to rest
reverberate through time
lives p-ss on and p-ss on
the witness triumphant
the death of the deathless one

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