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lirik lagu the hardest thing – the script

i sleep all night,
right by your side
i love to hear you breathing, breathing
the morning light
opens my eyes
it’s nearly time for leaving, leaving
i know that it seems
like it’s easy for me
i wish you could feel
what’s going on inside of me

it’s the hardest thing i ever have to do
to walk away from you
when i wanna hold you
it’s the hardest thing in every single day
to have to turn away
i want you to know that
this is the hardest thing

another day
is years away
i close my eyes
to see your face
the more i wait
the longer it takes
it feels like time is standing still
where ever you go
what ever you do
i want you to know
that you are on my mind


just to let go of your hands
to make you understand that to love you
feel you
till the time i see you again
it’s the hardest thing


i sleep all night
right by you side
i love to hear you breathing, breathing

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