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lirik lagu the hoefers – kaitee dal pra

well down in the middle of the old barn yard
dad is sittin on the porch johnnys racin the car
goin over the hill dirt flyin behind
ridin shot gun nick is goin on nine

yeah and kaits in the kitchen helpin her mom
and chris is in town workin at the shop
don’t got a song to write but a point to prove
you can do anything the hoefers do

well you can write a song dive off a bridge
you can ride your horse to school
saddle it up act real tough
skip school to jump in the pool
bottoms up and gl-sses down break all the rules
get chased by the cops party lots
play it like em hoefers do

well they don’t give a darn if they crash a bar
bunch of rednecks truckin around a farm
but they know how to live and they all get by
just don’t make em mad don’t cross that line

cause they got hearts like fire and eyes like ice
and a pocket full of stolen sunshine
but we had good times and the time of my life
was back when it was hoefer time


yes they know how t love and they love each other
sometimes it’s hard to see but i know
that it takes some time and it takes a smile
before they come back home
home sweet home


play it like the hoefer’s do yeehoo

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