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lirik lagu the hypnotic – the roots

(the hypnotic, the hypnotic)
(the hypnotic, the hypnotic)

i knew this girl named alana with mad persona
she delt with reality never fed it to the drama
i met her through my n-gg- named jermaine palmer
who knew her through his peoples by the baltimore harbor
alana was a marylan’ thurough and attractive
shorty that’s relaxed with me and kickin back
wif a phat flick to cool out
was stressed cause the game’ll make you wanna pull a tool out
and go the old school route
but all-a that cease – when that piece checkin the jewel out
a bruver was charged – light a spliff and listen to the dabarge
let the shorty hit me wif a m-ssage to annoint
lubricatin my maridian points that was the summer easy to remember
alana was all up on – to read the gender how i used to back bender
she even told her best friend blinda from virginia
who asked me if i had a cousin i could recomend-a
but as time float on we grew more mature – and further apart
when i began to do tours, we lost contact
and slowly parted – reminissin of when it started
it keep me feelin heavy hearted – a stolen moment periodic
addicted to her presence like a narcotic
though i wonder if she ever got it – the hypnotic
that faded like a dream sequence that pursuaded
beyond being infatuated – spiritually intoxicated
comps are dated – i concentrated
on how to get in touch with her
cuase the fact of the matter remain that i miss the hypnotic

driftin — (driftin)
(the hypnotic, the hypnotic)
driftin — (driftin)

i would begin to dial –
her number but knowin it’s been awhile it’s hard to link
i figure what she probly think and soon start to drink
fightin the feelin i’m concealin apparently i first appealin
later revealin to be deeper – resistance increasingly weaker
the essence of life is more than just mic’s and puffin reefa
this universe of black thought that i can teach ya
i’m tryin to touch ya only if i can reach ya
i hit this kid i sign up on his beepa
and ask him if a had a chance to speak ta
jermaine palmer who fathers a preacha
to make the story short me and my man soon ran
into each other von the humble at a show in san fran
i said “yo palma, when did you last see alana”?
he offer me a seat and attempts to make me calma
when he began to break it down my mind start to wander
response beyond somber incredible crushed
kinda feelin on my shoulder – that of a boulder
to find out that her life was over – it made the room feel colder
i thought i could get wif her when she was a little older
but she a victim of the wicked system that controlled-a it’s all chaotic
but if my life it’s symbolic forever shadow on my mental i never forgot it
yo the psycotic, the hypnotic check it out the most melodic hypnotic

driftin —
driftin —

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