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lirik lagu the inception of darkness part 2 – reborn – eyefear

i’m burning within
eyes open but still i am blinded
this h-ll i’m trapped in
it keeps pulling me deeper and deeper
i hear his calling – i will steal your soul!!!
can’t see through this dark horizon
i kneel before him – there’s no tomorrow!!!
where are the angels to guide me?

you’ve fallen
but i am here to share your grief
just remember why you’re running
the dark will soon disappear
take my hand and follow me

as i reach out for you
together we will find eternity
to share this dream
i am the angel that won’t leave you behind

my burning desires are all that i feel
i have no more fear of what will unfold
like a flower in the fall i’ll be reborn again
where will i be when i open my eyes?

tonight will find me
at the end of the road
tomorrow will see us together
i will catch you if you fall
i’ll be there to guide you
i will follow the silver line to heaven
i will find you.

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