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lirik lagu the island of humongous – frightmare


here are the monsters little toys?
once they were little girls and boys?
conceived an evil act that left a curse
god’s revenge his hideous birth!

on this island hidden from man
irma fears they wouldn’t understand
she keeps him in the cellar locked away
but now with mom dead? humongous is free to play!

the boat is wrecked
he snaps their necks
bodies to collect?

dog carc-ss feast
a malformed beast

in the bas-m-nt, a shrine to ma
corpses swing in this horrible abattoir
in the woods hugh hunts down two
on the beach, he runs them through

m-ssively malformed hands pulp carla’s head
they try to burn him up, but eric ends up dead
sandy sets a trap, disguised as his ma
but that old trick won’t fool humongous for long?

they lit him up
a firewalk
he can’t be stopped

his giant eyes
his deformed head
you’ll soon be dead

it’s loose? it’s angry? and it’s getting hungry?