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lirik lagu the last american virgin – set your goals

“the last american virgin”

i’ve got a date and a ticket receipt,
i’ve got some spending money saved and a place we can meet.
can you think of any destination you’ve been dying to see?

say the word and we’ll leave.
the weather’s fine, we’ve got plenty of time.
there’s only one thing keeping me from booking a flight:
i’ve got to know that you mean it when you say
that this feels right.

i kept expectations low with the promise of what will grow.
what is this doing to me?
are you feeling the same thing?
let’s just get out of here, let’s get this off the ground.
the plane won’t stick around.
like a dot on the map turning
every page to find where you’re at.

i wanna help you to get from a, to b, to c,
and then back to me;
so this can be more than one event we share back when,
once upon a time across the sea.
my heart, i’ll keep it low if i should lose control.

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