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lirik lagu the last page – dark princess

the snow is falling down
hiding the traces…
i’ve left the somber town,
i’ve left you alone

will my name be erased
from all the pages?
or will it stay in memory?

when our p-ssion’s gone
no one will beg for relief.
is this all… the end?
so give me a chance to forgive.
now let the days go by,
stoking the flame of my fire,
hiding deep inside signs of your pain and desire…

so take a look around
our world is fading
make no sound to cry.
just turn the page.

northern lakes dry up
as the feelings between us
you know it’s time to say goodbye.


i wish i could say more than a lie,
to come back and heal your despair…
i still don’t wanna leave…
but who is to blame?


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