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lirik lagu the love of god – glorious unseen


it’s like the sweetest perfume,
when you walk in the room.
there’s a mystery about you.
will you come lord, consume?
what’s this warmth on my face,
could it be the father’s embrace?
where’s the loneliness that plagued me?
it disappeared into sp-ce.

it’s like i’m falling to pieces
with one gaze from your eyes.
and then you put me together when you say you are mine.

it’s like a cool summer breeze,
and i’m falling down on my knees.
an overwhelming sense of kindness,
it’s the sweetest relief, o lord.

here comes the lord of god,
it’s like a rushing wind
it’s blowing in our midst again and again and again!
here comes the lord of god,
it’s like a tidal wave,
destroying everything that’s standing in its way!

so let my brokenness display your righteousness
’cause i can’t do this on my own.
and lord i will say yes out in the wilderness
i’m standing on your strength o lord.

here it comes over us
let is flow all over us.