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lirik lagu the love of my man – theola kilgore

the love of my man
keeps me safe and warm
the love of my man protects me from all harm
cause i know-ow that he loves me
and i know that iiiiii love him

and iii love-a, love-a, love-a my man
makes my whole liife worth living
all the love, the love of my man
makes me feel just like giving
it all, when his lips, when his lips are on miiine
give me a feeling that’s so divine, oh yeah

when he goes away, i’m never, no, no, no, i’m never lonely
oh, cause i know that he thinks of me only
and no matter, no matter, what my friends may say
i’ll keep on lovin him any way, ohhh, yes i will

oh, the love of my man
oh, early in the morning and late at night
i love to talk about the love of my man
yeah-ah, the love of my man
his precious love

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