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lirik lagu the man i wanna be – barry michael

i wanna be the kinda guy that you call when things get tight
when the odds have got you up against the wall
i wanna be the kinda man your not ashamed to call your friend
the one you know will catch you when you fall
i wanna help my children grow, teach em all they need to know
give em faith to keep em strong
i wanna be the one they say, does everything the right way
only ends up places i belong

i wanna see the stars shine in the eyes of those around me
i wanna feel the sweet grace of the good lord surround me
i wanna be everything to everyone what ever they need
one day i’ll grow into the man i wanna be

i wanna give a pure love one that’s always strong enough
to pull my family through the toughest days
i wanna live a full life be a hero to my wife
let her know that she’s my saving grace
i wanna make my momma smile i wanna go the extra mile
to make sure that n-body feels alone
i wanna glow on the inside let the good book be my guide
be a light house til the angel takes me home

i’ve left a troubled p-ssed behind me
i’m making changes for the best
until i top this hill i’m climbing
i pray that god won’t let me rest

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