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lirik lagu the microorganism – boiled in lead


in april when your barge sailed through
i fell in love with you
alas my paramour alack
a stranger to me ’til the test comes back
oh the micro-organism
oh the micro-organism
dive in the gene pool down you swim
down to where the light grows thin
flail little fishies flail if you can
but avoid the micro-organism man
caffeine sugar and thc
is all that the doctors are gonna find in me
when they do the autopsy
the micro-organism won’t get me
god is good and god is great
god’s a big invertebrate
god made the river change it’s route
but he won’t pull the micro-organism out
the cowslips bloom and the bluebells too
here’s advice i’ll give to you
rattle your sword before you strike
and never kiss anyone you like