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lirik lagu the one who got away – devil doll

now stand right over there but don’t talk to loud
i would hold your hand don’t want to stand out in a crowd
i would buy you flowers but they’ll die anyway
but i’ll cover with b-tter just to get you to stay

i am the one who got away
doesn’t matter what you say
you’ll regret it till your dying day
cause i’m the one who got away

now she’s just a friend and it don’t mean a thing
if it didn’t affect my work then i would wear my ring
baby you know i love you and i’ll always be true
but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do


you won’t hang up my picture for all those to see
what’s the matter baby you embarr-ssed of me
cause i am the toughest little cookie that you ever gonna see
and you’ll be crying like a baby when you can’t find me

chorus x2

i am the one who got away
i am the one who got away

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