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lirik lagu the perfect letter – jet 2


i’m watching the sun grow
i’m confident now all i must do is sow
thank god for thoughts because i know
that is the one thing
the one of the few precious things i can control
thank god for thoughts
girl i’m writing this letter to you, i have no one else
i swear in the midst of all of these dreams i just don’t know who’d help
you’ve bleessed me with emotions i never felt
thank god for thoughts…
rhythm and poetry

here i stand, back in high school
in front of the dorsey noodle machine doodling things
i’ll never make this mission back
worrying ’bout this and that
last time that i did this, life was track & field and madden
and i stopped that in ’07
i ain’t copped a ps3, but sure did capture my imagine
and i ain’t have as many ladies on me as hitman did
but d-mn it, i’m the man and this year’s where i demand it
the second jet to fly while all my peers were out-standing
i’m channeling intention when my chances seemed remote
i had an excellent invention called let’s take the pain and vent it
i had a few friends back then, now they’re vintage
crushes on serina while her sis was playing tennis
love was in the air and i think sadie hawkins did it man
it was like the dream to love your girl and y’all both meant it man
i remember dancing ’til all i could think was marriage
and whatever had to happen right before the baby carriage, man!
i would probably set aside my life so i can parasail
to you to live a fairy tale, and maybe it could happen
if we could forgive each other for all of the damage
this love we have, i’ll cherrish
and that’s all i imagnine

stuck in between the pressure of expression
and all those moments that i feel that i am lost
because i would choose to take an exit
instead of counting blessings
i seek to be a legend

never really had this
the feeling of finding a cl-ssic
the feeling of falling in love again
the feeling of finding that joy again that you last missed
it’s like magic how you came
into my life around the same time
i had given up on all of those things
i really knew i’d fight so hard to make mine
that’s why i fight so hard to make time
you really give me something to believe in and you do it so well
always on your mind,
i hope you’re glad to know you’re always on mines
right before you went in that hospital room
between after june and early july
we had a deep talk about life and the universal love we all know as god
never really had this
the feeling of having a cl-ssic
the feeling of falling in love again
the feeling of knowing the past is just a padded bridge
i mean the moment you heard the news
about your mother, you felt confused
and i did to, just know that her view
is now pure love and it’s focused on you
i really can’t wait until that day
that we’ll be sitting in the same room
it will be proof that dreams do come true
i mean, thank you, we made it to paid dues
i mean, what more really can i ask for
you sit, dream with me
you hold me down when things are moving slow
you even share the screen with me
you even show your imperfections, that’s why i felt you
you’ve always taken my advice
you always let me help you
so anytime you’re feeling low
always know i’m near you
my love is in the air for you
help you grow is what i’m here to do
rhythm and poetry

the perfect letter has a spirit of its own
faith unmatched and patience unknown
the perfect letter will take me a lifetime to write
and an instant to love
one that consists of three letters pr-nouncing just one
the perfect letter loves, cares, and makes time
the perfect letter can travel for miles
the reason that tears transform into smiles
we find forever in only a while
the perfect letter gets better with time
understands my mind and is proud to be mine
the perfect letter is ever divine
and from her conception is pure as she shines
the perfect letter, how beautiful she?
a part of our source, so free and true
the perfect letter consists of three letters,
rhythm and poetry; you