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lirik lagu the pitchman – saga


what have you got for me this time
can you make it sparkle
can you make it shine
have you got anything brighter
something like that but a little bit tighter
pitchman, pitchman
sell me that pitchman
something i need has slipped my mind
i’ve come here to barter
i’ve come here to buy
i’ve got this town tucked in my back pocket
i can’t seem to stop it
i just wish i had more time
i’m in a hurry can we wrap it up
will you try to to scratch it
don’t mark it up
ive got a hunger for the things that sparkle
i’ve got a thirst for the things that shine
everyone a winner
everyone amazing
everyone a shocker
everyone to tantalize
don’t mark it up!
everyone a sure thing
everything’s tempting
everyone must tantalize
but don’t mark it up!
(repeat chorus)