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lirik lagu the point of no return – hyperborea

i stand alone.
same as before.
lost in my home.
forever more.

i search for a reason to escape
my monotonic universe.
before me rising into shape
an endless path with no reverse.

i’ve reached the point of no return.
in lonely h-ll i slowly burn.
and no one’s there to set me free
and no one cares ’bout what i feel.

they say that i’m the one to blame
they think i’ll die from my own shame
but i will find my closest friend
the living nightmare’s gonna end.

i’ll no more be unwanted.
in my universe
the ghosts that kept me haunted
will lift their tragic curse.
i’ve killed the point of no return
in lonely h-ll i no more burn.
now someone’s here to set me free
and someone cares ’bout what i feel.

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