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lirik lagu the president’s wife – jedi mind tricks

(feat. des devious)

[vp = vinnie paz]
[dd = des devious]


[vp:] yeah. f-ck geo- [blanked out] and what he stand for
[dd:] for sendin’ my little cousin into the d-mn war
[vp:] what the f-ck we on sombody else’s land for?
[dd:] murder innocent people for uncle sam’s law
[vp:] everybody know it’s all over oil
[dd:] it’s all for the greed and the money that ain’t for you
[vp:] it’s off with the head of -blanked out- that ain’t loyal
[dd:] off with the head of a snake, he ain’t for you
[vp:] [blanked out] givin’ dollars to the taliban
[dd:] and young americans dead before they had a fam
[vp:] look, i don’t got a beef with the war
[dd:] i got a beef with a war mistreatin’ the poor
[vp:] i got beef with everything that he do
[dd:] i got beef with the lies misleading the youth
[vp:] and i’m about to take the law in my own hands
[dd:] and i’m about to [blanked out] a grown man
[vp:] [unintelligible] we should run up at night
[dd:] black masks, black tape, black [blanked out]
[vp:] should we terrorize the city like the summer of sam?
[dd:] or should we bang this [blanked out] without a plan?


[vp:] we [blanked out]
[dd:] and i’m about to run up in this motherf-cker and blast
[vp:] first things first, cousin, how we get in?
[dd:] we could take the janitor for all they gear and they timbs
[vp:] e could tell them that we tryin’ to raise money for aids
[dd:] and we could start the onslaught for all they criminal ways
[vp:] now that we in here, where the f-ckin [blanked out] ?
[dd:] where my four pound?
[vp:] where my f-ckin knife at? my fault, it’s right here with the spiked bat
[dd:] we dettin’ them raw, n-body can fight back
[vp:] probably in the bedroom scared to death
[dd:] gunshots, wait till you see whats next
[vp:] des, kick in the door! if the [blanked out] make a move [blanked out]
[dd:] n-gg- it’s movin, the [blanked out] took a p-ss on the floor
[vp:] [blanked out] ain’t gettin’ nothing else except a kick in the jaw
[dd:] tell [blanked out] we need more money for poor folks
[vp:] and to respect others like the book that allah wrote
[dd:] nah, n-gg-, i ain’t with that deal
[vp:] oh [blanked out] how it feel?


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