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lirik lagu the pretender – sick puppies

sick puppies lyrics

“the pretender”

i live with the life that i made
i get from the things that i gave
my arms are outstreached i hope for the best
and act rich before i get paid

i sold of my soul for these jeans
wherever i go its a scene
everyones staring as i act not caring
attention is breathing to me

oh i am the pretender

my confidence pours in this gl-ss
it helps me to hide from my past
life of the party i know everybody
but noone gets beyond this mask

oh i am the pretender
oh another pretty pretender

i tell her whatever it takes
my truth is as shifting as shapes
i kiss and hug her and tell her i love her
then laugh as i tend her heartbreak

oh i am the pretender
oh i’m just a pretender

oh i am the pretender
oh i am the pretender

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