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lirik lagu the properties of mimi merlot – of montreal


manuel’s mouth filled with foam upon discovering the properties of mimi merlot.
just imagine his chagrin when he found she’d drugged him, tied him up and locked
him inside her wardrobe. on top of all of this the boas hung above him made him
sneeze hhhhhhaaaaaacccccchhhhhhhooooooo. it’s snowing all around inside mimi’s
wardrobe. oh no no. now she’s covering the wardrobe in aluminum foil oh no no
then she sticks her little finger through the key hole and says “suck on it and
maybe i’ll let you go” to which manuel replies “oh you want me to suck…?like
this…?’ mimi merlot you’re the most convincingly non-fict-tious character that
i know