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lirik lagu the ravening – bal sagoth

black legions ravening for blood,
dark lords hearken to my call,
warriors rise forth from the earth,
battle-spells empower me,
the throne of kings, the summoning,
marble halls sunk ‘neath the waves,
storm-wolves a prowl (beneath) the ebon moon,
immortal hordes, pledge me thine steel!

the clarion call of battle sounds,
iron gleams in baleful flame,
slaughter shines from misted eyes,
storm-forged blade drink deep.
stench of carnage fires my blood,
my bride of steel sings in my hand,
corpse-mounds piled to touch the sky,
black fury enshroud me!

bleed for the gods of war!
flesh to sate the worms!
by this sword i rule!

dreadful fall of slaughter,
raw scent of fresh-spilled blood,
crimson rain falls from the sky,
ravens ride the storm.

black cloud of arrows, red storm of swords,
dark wave of carnage… slaughterfall!

by blood and steel i rule!

(lyrics: byron, music: jonny & chris)

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