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lirik lagu the return – the karkadens

let’s break (hey), take (hey), and rave again
it’s only so often we can spend
a piece of eight at this kind of place, my friend
this loot (hey), boot (hey), coin and jewel
ain’t worth what it brings to you
so let your pockets bleed golden doubloons

there’s so much more, more, more
(another ten years on the ocean blue)
so get your fill before
(another ten years on the ocean blue)
i’m going low, low, low
(another ten years on the ocean blue)
to shake the earth before
i sail the ocean blue

so let’s reach (hey) deep (hey) into the sea
unleash the ocean’s misery
and let there be no uncertainty
tonight’s the night we’re free
and this h-ll (hey), to them (hey) a rarity
a day short of ten years to me
a scale to weigh the tortures
that we have bore at sea

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