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lirik lagu the slaughter begins – exmortis

revealing the blood that stains my hands
preserving the thoughts which once made us man
a vengeance inside to destroy all i touch
the slaughter begins the blood shall i l-st

the slaughter has begun

visions of a dark land center of reality
morbid enjoyment of the flesh
visionary of the ancient ones
existing on a higher plane of existence
ascended to a momentary lapse of time
immortal souls take your hands as i touch

the blood of the slaughter fulfills me

all innocence wil die by my hands
as i ravage through and prevail this land
tangled in gore i must now feast
on the flesh that ties me to beneath

everlasting pain the beauty i adore

virulent rage take control of me
forever enslaved as you soon shall be
you must meet your end as i destroy your soul
i feed on your flesh and devour you whole

exmortis your maker the slaughter begins

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