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lirik lagu the song of life – eluveitie


i’ve been fire, fed by the four winds
i’ve been water in the stream
and a drop of dew on the culm
i’ve been clay in the hands of a potter
i’ve been rosin of a tree
and a leaf, by the breeze carried away

i’ve been a child of seven spirits
i’ve been an eagle in the skies
and the swashing fish in the lough fulgent
i’ve been star in the loosing sky
i’ve been a tear in the wind
and a word within paean

i’ve been a flower on the green pasture
i’ve been the song of a bird
and the vast roar of a bear
i am a lump of this vivid soil
i’m the brother of the trees
a chthonian lot of this earth

breathe this dream, and let your soul inhale it!
bare and naked, let us dance on the meadows

revel within this nature which we’re all a part of. free this wolf forever!
free this child! indui uelui cantla canamos.