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lirik lagu the thirst (part 1) – hilltop hoods

the thirst (part 1)

it’s been a while since we last touched bases,
ever since ‘state of the art’ rushed playlists,
been around the globe a couple of times,
sang in a thousand homes but none of them mine,
played a thousand shows under the lights,
and walked on mountain roads touching the sky,
rocked foreign sh-r-s where i swore i had no name,
that meant more than the awards and accolades,
like i can’t believe we made our calling,
we’ve barely stopped to breathe and take it all in,
it’s got a hold on me the day i fold and leave,
it’s gonna seem like i’m falling,
and i buried two friends, lost touch with some others,
split with my girl, found love with another,
for every road the world i know gets smaller,
came home to find my son had grown a head taller

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