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lirik lagu the time of your life – alanis morissette

standing there on a road that leads to anywhere
like a child left in the wilderness, standing there penniless
wanting to be the best

here’s a place where life runs at a different pace
where love is just convenient, none are obedient
and we are subservient

look at me, i’m a girl that some may preconceive
why do they try and generalize, why are they antagonizing me
but something i can’t control that…

i wantcha
you know i’ll never stop ’til i’ve gotcha
you’ll never be quite the same when i rock ya
i’m not the kind of girl that you thought i was
you’ll have a good time ’cause i wantcha
i’m breaking down the walls ’till i have you, feel you
show you the time of your life

here we are and i wonder how we’ve come this far
in a world that does not recognize women are victimized
what does that symbolize

why do i want the things i usually criticize
it may be self destructiveness, or maybe it’s emptiness inside
but something i can’t control that…

repeat chorus

you’ll have a good time…
it’s a lonely road, and no one knows the way that i feel
i’m not giving up now… i’ll never try to justify
they’ll never understand, you’ll be a happy man
you’ll have the time of your life

it’s something, it’s something, it’s something that i can’t control
the time of your life…


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