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lirik lagu the triton’s daughter – dagon

one night by a pallid moon, at a grotto by the sea,
my eyes beheld a sight now carved into my mind
raven locks, lily skin, the ample curves of womanhood,
but with a tail of oceankind, the legends then i

forbidden longing, two worlds were never meant to pair.
p-ssion culled by siren song drifting on the ocean air.
daughter of the lonely deep, there is no home we both
can share,
a love that cannot be, yet somehow it has come to bear.

languishing in solitude without her,
fixating on the vision of ocean mists about her.
languishing in solitude without her,
my bosom holds but half a heart without the triton’s

fool, i said, within my mind, this love can’t truly be,
for you, the son of land-born man, and she the child of
the rolling sea.
but then my reason fell away beneath the soaring song
of heart,
she and i, my heart declared, shall tie as one and
never part.

but off the sh-r- i thought i saw a luminescent eye,
in a flicker it was gone and so i cast it from my mind.
foolish and myopic, i’m now haunted by the sight,
it would undo the things i sought and cast my being
into the night.

doomed from the start,
a love maligned by land and sea.
born of the heart,
despite what others say should be.
i hold no regrets,
’tis better to have loved and lost,
but i shan’t forget,
my love, my life, the dreadful cost.

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