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lirik lagu the truth – 2nd string

i found out yesterday
the truth that left me blown away
finally you told me this
but still it’s my fake life that i miss

my life is incomplete
but the memories i know i will keep
it my head is where they’ll die
the life i lived was all a lie

the pain, the hurt
this feeling is stealing me
my life, this knife
please stop i’ll live

the truth hurts this time
but i don’t know why
it was so long ago
but i still don’t know
why i feel like i can’t deal
i just wanna cry

i’m trying hard to cope
but all i am is on a downhill slope
i want my life again
but it’s too late to see a change in my friends

i see the light in here
but i cannot hide all my pain and fear
i want my life to cease
where can i go so i can release

pre-chorus (x2)

chorus (x2)

please let me die (x4)
i just wanna cry
please let me die, die
pre-chorus (x2)
please let me die
just want to cry (x5)

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