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lirik lagu the turn of the screw – heaven & hell

another face at the window
to take me away from you
to a place that i just won’t go

it’s always hard to remember
was it pleasure and pain, oh well
i just don’t want to know

and there’s service with a smile
don’t need to see your money
but one more thing to do
and we’re just about to do it to you

the turn of the screw!

he was born to be angry
a fire that just burned cold
and you knew you should keep away

then on a night in a city
it happened and lost control
so it’s on to his last today

they’ll dress him up in style
to walk the final mile to somewhere
and one last thing to do
oh, maybe it could happen to you

the turn of the screw!

if they lead, we will follow
and they’re leading to you

we measure in time
and then we end
the mountains we climb
are just pretend

you’ll be rich, you’ll be golden
just sign on the dotted line
no need to read the rules

and we might let you know
if there’s a way to bed or borrow
but one more thing to do
and how we love to put it to you

the turn of the screw!

here comes another
you’re empty, we’re finished with you!
on to the next one
and the turn of the screw!

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