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lirik lagu theater girl – agans craig

you’ve got your beauty queen makeup
and your hair just right
anyone who gets to see you
sure is in for a sight
i sit here in wonderment
and in disbelief
your glance is so uncomfortable
just like a petty thief..
you are a queen, you are a picture
of what a man is supposed to want to love
you start to get closer
and then you’re sitting next to me..
as you walk by i can
smell your perfume
i can actually smell it everywhere
there’s a trail across the room
i listen to your conversation
i am hypnotized
if it’s got an end like that
it must be memorized..
your lips so red and your skin so white
your platinum hair gives off a glow
your head begins to turn
and then you’re lookin’ right at me..
to a girl like you i just don’t
know what to say
it’s too bright here in the theater
perhaps another day
it’s something in the way you move
it’s something i just don’t know
but it’s kinda hard to wanna love you
when i wanna throw you out the window..
your heart is being broken by someone!
and someones’ heart is being broken, by you, by you!

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