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lirik lagu them – 98 mute

walking down the streets, idiots are all i f-cking see.
morons right in front of me.
i’ve got a group of them to my right.
and it’s just the start of my night.
sitting on the corner of manhattan beach blvd.
and ocean.
see some sl-ts out for fun.
showing off their silicone t-ts.
pounds of makeup hide their zits.
i can’t believe what my eyes see.
bars packed with u.s.c. fraternities.
plastic people with their plastic money.
mtv fed mentalities.
i thank god i’m not like them.
pennyloafers on their feet.
collared shirts with rolled up sleeves.
tight blue jeans you wouldn’t believe.
i’ve got a dozen chumps to my right.
and it’s beginning to ruin my night.
the to my left a bunch of chicks who think they’re hot sh-t.
so i slap them with my godd-mn d-ck.
people acting so sophisticated.
by twenty-one they’re all outdated.
i don’t ever want to be like them.
i won’t ever f-ckin’ be like them.
i have fun laughing at them.
i think god i’m not of one of them.
now i’m all surrounded.
all these idiots suffocating me.
so now it’s time for me to leave.
but as i leave this f-cked up scene i thank god that i’m me.

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