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lirik lagu there’s something on your mind – bobby marchan

by the way you look at me
i truly do believe
something is worrying
your troubled mind

there is something on your mind
by the way you look at me
there is something on your mind, baby
by the way you look at me
whoa, yeah

can what you’re thinking
bring our happiness
or will it bring misery

no, no, no, no, no, no
please don’t try to tell me
i think i understand

no, no, don’t try
to tell me, pretty baby
i tell you, i think
i understand, whoa, yeah

you want me to try and forget you
well, i’ll do the best i can

you know it’s so hard
to be in love with someone
it’s so hard to be in love with
someone that don’t love you

and it carries a
heavy burden on your heart
to know that the someone they love
is your very best friend

i tell you, when somebody else
is rocking your cradle
better than you can
rock your cradle yourself
there’s only one thing left
in this world for you to do

pack your clothes, turn around
walk slowly out the door
look over your left shoulder
hang your head and say

if you ever think about me
if i ever cross your mind
girl, girl
if you ever think about me
pretty baby
if i ever cross your mind

whoa, yeah, well, you know
you know i’m yours
i know, i know your mine

after you can’t stand it no more
you go on downtown to the p-wn shop
and get yourself a pistol

and then you make it
back up on the scene
where your loved one and your
best friend are now together

you go right in and bust
down the door and shoot him
you can’t shoot her
because you know if you shoot her
all of your love and your long
lifetime will be gone forever

and just as you make it up
in your mind to forgive her
here come another one of
your best friends through the door

this really makes you blow your top
and you go right ahead and go in person
to your heart and shoot her

and realizing what you’ve done
you say, baby, please forgive me
i’m sorry

and with her last dying breath
she looks up at you and say
do do do do, whoa, oh…

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