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lirik lagu these magnet hearts – kina grannis

the other night when we laid together in the dark
i placed my head upon your chest to hear your heart
i tapped it out, morse code rhythms on the bed
did you know that i understood each word that it said?

thought of the times i didn’t have you by my side
reluctantly, we’d both agreed to say goodbye
such painful things, so much hurt that we’ve been through
now i see that perhaps that’s what we needed to do

just to be back lying in your arms
feeling home again and sure inside your warmth
i would relive all of the waiting
for these magnet hearts, they can’t be kept apart

it frightens me to think i could have lost it all
by letting us always be the ones to take the fall
whenever i began to doubt myself
next thing i know, i’m crying out another farewell


ooh, don’t ever leave me, love
ooh, we’ve made it hard enough
ooh, i know we belong
these magnet hearts so strong


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