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lirik lagu these walls don’t trump – amidst the grave’s demons


they’re bringing drugs
they’re bringing crime
they’re rapists

[breakdown 1]
our only choice is to
build that wall

i’ll make them pay for it


[verse 1]
these borders won’t be
paved with gold
we have to build something
that will always hold
hardened concrete, rebar and steel
i wrote the art of the deal
with a small loan of $1,000,000
i build a name for myself
it’s on my towers
there’s not a single person
better than me
i’m the only choice for the presidency

i will always beat china
china (x6)
we have to deal with china
china (x6)

[breakdown 2]
i can make it
like it was back then
if we can just take a stand
and make america great again

vote for me
and i’ll change the world


terrorists are going to
kill all of our children
the only way to keep them safe
is to deport muslims
and keep them away

[verse 2]
drone strikes
in the middle east
we have to take out
all their families
i literally said this on
fox & friends

[breakdown 3]
but my polls are great
and i’ll probably win

we’ll build a wall
and make it tall
we’ll build a wall
my hands aren’t small