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lirik lagu this ain’t just no sex – r. kelly

uhuu, girl, this ain’t just no s-x, no
that we have in here, that we have in here!
baby, baby, baby!…

we broke up with each other then got right back together,
i tell you, sometimes love is the strangest!
whether you’re from the suburbs or the hood,
you know that love is a pain that can make you feel so good!
it will take you on a trip, and you’ll enjoy the ride,
out you up, up, like a rocket, then drop you off the sky!
but not you baby! not you girl!
i believe that you’re true, baby!
see, you got me baby…
about to make my mind, with no regrets!
so before we take our clothes,
there is something i want you to know, baby!

this ain’t just no s-x to me
baby, this ain’t just no s-x to me
girl, i want you to know that
this ain’t just no s-x to me
ain’t just no s-x to me
this ain’t just no s-x to me, baby!

now we’ve been… cursing each other out,
baby, we didn’t say some fine sh-t about our mouths
knowing we never mean hurt each other,
but the reason we do it, is because we’re both some d-mn jealous!

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