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lirik lagu this dreaded symphony – maelstrom

from nothing we unleash everything
in this dreaded symphony.
in dreams i often see these rooms of emptiness.
dungeons of deceit.
i’m led to look into each and every
room to find nothing.
yet i’m somewhat drawn into looking.

my welcome to this dreaded symphony.
my life grows short and in the end
matters not of lie or consequence.
my fate is sealed in angels eyes.

each and every room. i see nothing but blackness.
is this a sight into myself?
these rooms of emptiness. yet i’m somewhat drawn.
is this a sight into myself?

“on these vast lands we forever continue.
under the fists of our gods, we battle for these lands.
through red skies we strike with eternity.
from nothing we unleash everything,
in this dreaded symphony.”

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