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lirik lagu this is not for children – mischief brew


lay down your pistols
pick up a can of red paint
don’t curse the papers
think of all the friends that you could make
we the masters and deceivers run the show
i ain’t spewing out the truth for any fool to know
you’ve got strings so we’ve got wires to control
as the film rolls
it’s what we owe
entertainment, more than tickets sold

is this a playhouse
or a funhouse where the world outside goes black?
“it’s just a movie”
so you say until your seats are zapped
we’ve got nurses, should you faint at any time
we’ve got he-rs-s revved up at the ready, should you die
it’s all covered here, in print, above the dotted line
so go ahead and sign
and down go the lights
entertainment, out of black and white

king of the show, lord of the lies
master of a thousand faces masked in disguise
i got thrills, but if you like ‘em cheap
then here’s a tv
stay home and sleep
and make way for the tricksters
who make way for the treats

do not enter
this is not for children, guaranteed
caveat emptor
all this make you wanna come and see?
and if halfway through, you’re far too afraid
you can have your money back
and i’ll still be paid
no one’s ever stood and walked out to this very day
and that’s entertained
terrified and amazed
like tall coasters roll, it’s what you’re owed
now that’s what i call a show