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lirik lagu thorn in your side (reprise) – postmarks


a rose is undressed,
the faint perfume fills the air,
feel a th-rn as it grazes your side but you know it’s not the end of the world,

words on your plate,
the cat run away with a lick,
now you’re sitting all by yourself in a room that’s more blank than a stare,

far away,
you can find a place,
where happy ends, begin,

a distant sound,

can’t escape the cotton air,
but an egg penetrates through the fog covered gl-ss at the end of the world,

crystal ball,
in the mudd, all the sky disappeared,
thirsty vases rest headless on tables while curtains get snagged on the th-rns,

meet me there,
on a shooting star,
we can start again at the end of the world