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lirik lagu three headed puppy – useless pieces of shit


my dog’s in heat if it gets f-cked
i’ll get it blown, deform its pups.
give her acid, feed her pot,
put some downers in her slop.
my dog’s knocked up and f-cked up too,
instead of water i give her brew.
her stud was into s&m,
tied her in the clothesline for weeks on end.
a few months later the day had come.
i couldn’t believe it a three headed pup,
ate through her skin the ate the other pups.
the a.l.f.’s gonna hate my guts.
three headed pup in my backyard,
fights with itself to lick its b-lls.
growls at the neighbors, barks at the cops,
breaks into my house and eats my pot!
three headed pup with three minds of its own,
ate through the fence and stated to roam.
chased the dog catcher down the street,
tries to kill everything it meets.
my dog was knocked up i fixed her junk,
gave her ludes deformed her pups.
now i’m gonna make big bucks,
cuz my dog gave birth to a three headed pup.