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lirik lagu thru it all – charlie wilson

[verse 1:]
not one to have a loss for words
what i have to say you’ve already heard
but i don’t think it will hurt to hear it again
years have p-ssed and your kisses feel
even better now, soothing my heart still
how my p-ssion fills just knowing that you’re on your way home again

we’ve been through it all
a lot of things girl,
you make my heart just skip a beat in so many ways
only you i call until this day girl
you make my heart just skip a beat let me count the ways

[verse 2:]
nothing’s perfect we still have our days
but that doesn’t mean our love will stray
if anything it takes me right back to you
wishes answered from the very start
before h-llo you have left your mark
one so deep i could not remove even if i wanted to

from your warm embrace to how your kisses taste
the way you look at me, with such sincerity
i feel like every man should feel
i pinch myself to see if it’s real

the letters you wrote, even the simple notes
just you took your time to say what’s on your mind
i really couldn’t ask for more
oh yea

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