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lirik lagu time to chill – lloyd banks

yeah see this right here
it’s so real i see everything clear

[verse 1:]
they probably cut from the same cloth
if he ain’t soft
you know the name the boss
i’m high as a cocaine cost
so can’t watch the pain off
see fate is the mothaf-cka brotha
you can’t change yours
he won’t show you the money get the chainsaw
and keep cuttin sh-t off til’ he talk
i’m one of the bosses of new york
the voices of the people til’ i walk
we all know life is b-tch yet i thought
that it will get a little better from the h-ll i caught
i lost a few screw can’t you tell i’m short
from sh-t to property and li bought
shoot dice like a sport and stunt like my time ticket
pour out my liquor for my homicide victim
if my n-gg- ride i’m ride wit him
blood, sweat, & tears fly out of my system
live long that’s the message right
but in the hood ova 21 you started your 2nd life
life more than neck of ice
a full deck of price
but it d-mn sure looks nice (you look good)
i always had ethic of winner
i work til’ it hurts then i murk on spinners
i’ll gobble these rap n-gg-s for dinner
bring your girlfriend around me i’m goin’ to hit her

time to chill and question what’s real
reality seems a drift
that’s why i walk around like these
now it’s 2006 more cribs & more whips
if hate me get off my d-ck
everybody got to box that’s fists that’s it

[verse 2:]
easy deaths & hard times
it’s tough to explain i figure i just rhyme
it’s all fine and f-ck up at the same time
i feel like they dealt card it ain’t mine
man f-ck that somebody gotta a shuffle
i’m thristy sort of like the slave off the buckle
my att-tude is i don’t really care
baltimore born but i’m good everywhere
my n-gg- had nothin’ but dreams
but the block got him before he turned 13
somebody lean every baby’s first scream
i’ve called what i seen you know what i mean


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