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lirik lagu tired of lying 2 u – plies

hey man all my n-gg-s out here
man who out here like me dawg
who out here head first my n-gg-
chasin these street dreams dawg
lets fall back man
let me talk for you real quick homie

god man its just some thing i wanna talk to you about man i
i know right now i’m probably,
probably the last n-gg- u wanna hear from
you know man i just wanna u to know god man i’m tied of lyin to you

god i want u to know i’m so tired of lyin to you
i don’t even know the reason why in the f-ck i even lie to you
so if you stop f-ckin wit me right now i understand
but i guess that would leave out here thug on my own then [x2]

i told them motha f-ckers if i die they don’t know where i go
cause alot of us out that that we think goin to heaven that just ain’t gonna go
and some of us go to church every sunday and still ain’t gonna go
god i lie to u to much that the reason don’t know where i’m gonna go

i remember the little hoe b-tt that i told that i wasn’t gonna f-ck raw no more
i guess what i should’ve said that i wasn’t gonna f-ck her raw no more
and after my homeboy got killed i promise you i was gonna start come to church
but instead of comin to church i jump in the game head first

it seems like weddings and funernals the only time i step foot in church
but if i was locked up right now sh-t u’d be my bestfriend
cause that when n-gg- seem like they at lowest point of there life then
my dawg locked and every time i talk to him god all i’m hearin

i like i told him them cracker let him out tomorrow he’ll back robbin again
and i don’t know why we sit down and lie to you about some f-ck sh-t
and like they say the one that love you get there -ss to kiss
i guess that’s the best way to explain me and your relationship


i told my mama “sh-t, god must be a pain freak”
cause after all these lies and broken promises
dawg still f-ck wit me
and i’m gonna be honest wit you god sh-t i wouldn’t even f-ck wit me
but when i was on my d-ck sh-t u could stop hearin from me
and soon as my money got straight sh-t you stop hearin from me
and after my brother gone and died i promised you i thought wit the dope game
and as soon as them 22’s come out i got right back in the dope game
and i remember bein on my knees throwin up my insides
have heavy yak in my system felt like i was about to f-ckin gonna die
i told you i wasn’t gonna drink no more sh-t there go another lie
i know one day all this thugin sh-t got to come to an end
i understand that one day my life got to come to an end


god man its just,
just so much f-cked up wit me right now
man just tiring be out here and u know tiring to get money
and f-ck wit all these hoes
and u know iii find time for everything else,
but seem like i don’t never got no time for you
my grandma always tell me man
ii just need to just join somebody church
man and and give my life over to god man
and god u just know man just right now man u better know than anybody man
u just u just know i’m full of sh-t u know i ain’t fitin do right right now
i don’t know if this gonna effect u know what i’m sayin me me gettin into heaven
but u know i just want u to know man i’m i’m just tired of lyin to you man
and i feel that like if i’m gonna deal wit you
i feel like i should deal wit you like you a real n-gg-
i don’t know why you ive seen the ive seen the lag fourgers
man you sh-t i know u probably feel like i’m bull sh-tin u right now
but u know god man iii just want you to know man i’m tired of lyin to you man
and i just feel like if i’m gonna f-ck wit you i need to f-ck wit u all the way
and man regaurdless of what you know alot of people think
man i i’m tryin to go to heaven
man u got to know i got a good heart
man god i just want you to know man in tired of lyin to you


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