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lirik lagu tk call #1 – “inboxin’ my girl” – lloyd

tk call #1 – “inboxin’ my girl”

[phone ringing]

yo, wussup, this tk?
yea, who this?
wussup, this anthony
hey, what’s going on pueggo?
sh-t man, sh-t i’m here tryina figure out why you inboxin my girl
what girl? what’s her name?
what’s her name? her name angie
you inboxin er so you should know who she is
yea, i do know
no disrespect pall but why you check your b-tch inbox yo? i mean…
that sh-t that i do, i guess you know that’s me
let me do me, you do you
yea, well let me explain something to you frankly
i’m just a real n-gg- and i know angie and i know you guys been having some problems with your relationship
and i’m just a real n-gg-, yo i’m not here to destroy n-body’s life
i’m feeling the b-tch and we’ve gon out a couple times and i’m pretty much tryina really help out your relationship
cause i know you out of town a lot, you ain’t treatin er right and all i’m tryina do is
when i’m takin er out i’m treatin er good
i’m just pretty much tryina keep that motherf-ckin relationship together
that’s how i’m doin it
i’m feelin the b-tch and i just… i’m just tryina see how we could come together and you could see er and i can see er too, keepin it 1000 fam
sh-t, at the end of the day, you feelin her, she feelin you
yo hold on for a second yo, hold on
i got another call coming in

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