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lirik lagu tonight – da band

somethin happens when you touch me
i get open, and my legs starts quivering
this sensation, emotions take control of me
it’s a temptation, i don’t know what’s come over me

yeah baby, tonights the night
ima ride that thing like a motor bike
grab my waist and hold it tight, im not frontin
you think i bought a box of lifestyle for nothin
please i got blunts you supply the weed
im the best so baby keep yo eyes on me
its about time i get mine n-gg- im ready
and the s-x ain’t the bomb if the girl ain’t sweaty.

listen ma, we been chillin out for a minute
and right now im in the mood to straight hit it
we know enough about each other, i been patient
look, but every n-gg- got his limits
im tired of waitin, i feel like tonight is the night
to get bucky ball naked and make love all night
you aint gotta worry bout me bustin in quick seconds
i can handle mine plus i’m young and energetic, is you ready

[sara] toniiight
[babs] yeah daddy i know you want it cuz its extra tight
[ness] yeah mommy im gon make sure its extra right
[sara] ill be your mary jane, it aint a game, ill get ya high, toniiight
[babs] im a bad girl and bad girls do bad things
[ness] and im a bad boy so girlfriend do your thing
[sara] da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da

[fred aka miami]
so where were you at ma show me a sign
i been peepin ya all night
and your alright
the reason im starin im comparin
some things we may have in common
and tell ya comin on our plane to bahamas
i love how you abuse the charm
you got a bad boys it’s time to leave them fools alone
any place that you stay i can move your home
im talkin shoppin sprees for weeks in rome
hit the airport 4 in the mornin we gone
off to paris to meet sean
i cant dissapoint mr.combs
but first i need the number to your phone


somethin happens when you touch me
i get open and my legs starts quivering
this sensation, emotions take control of me
its a temptation, i dont know whats come over me

you aint gotta act boogie or be all uptight
tonights the night e.ness will put up a fight
best s-x you ever had in your life
if it turn out right f-ck around gettin married tonight
rock that hand off a one night stand
hop in the van goin honeymoon in amsterdam
tomorrow mornin we gon drive back home
and smoke a lot so we can be in the twilight zone

i wanna have you in the kitchen, put up on the dresser
throw you in the closet then undress ya
treat ya like a one night stand give ya the pressure
make you hit high notes like r&b singers will ya

[chorus x2]

toniiight, uhhh heyy, toniiight, ohhh uh, yeahhh

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